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Mobile Energy Lab
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Please view the What to Expect Information on school tours and complete form below for your personalized quote.You will be emailed a price quote and visit registration form upon receipt of your submission. GLEEP will be happy to design a visit to fit your needs! Email us to discuss your options.


The wind and solar powered Mobile Energy Lab boasts 44-feet of hands-on learning stations in renewable energy, oil and gas, energy conservation, provides models that demonstrate hydropower, energy efficiency, and more. Or perhaps the student's would like to try their hand at building their own solar or wind powered structures, test their knowledge in renewable energy, or use peddle power to create electricity. We visit for the entire day to maximize your student's access to this unique, one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Day of the Event:

We have found that it is very helpful to have someone familiar with the students and their daily schedule to assist us as we come only with the instructor and the driver. Please arrange for a parent, student, teacher’s aide, or other volunteer to assist with the students and other needs of our staff during the entire day of the tour.

  • Select student schedule and have available for instructor upon arrival.


Number of students

Up to 400 students

Up to 600 students

Time allotted

30 minutes per group

20 minutes per group


10-15 minutes

5 minutes


15-20 minutes

Basic walk through


(Please limit group size to 25-30 students at one time for the best results)

We also offer lesson sessions for groups of 125 or less students, with a 10-15 minute explanation of equipment, 15-20 of exploration station and a 60 minute lesson and activity. (This must be prearranged in advance, additional fees apply).


  • Notify us of any media or press contacts that will require our attention during the day
  • Have the parking space clearly marked 
  • Student schedule
  • Recyclable items.

    Mobile Energy Lab Unit Requirements:
  •  70 feet of maneuvering room and parking on a solid surface (concrete or blacktop). Plan the parking location to accommodate the weight of the 25,000 lb. classroom and the 8,850 lb. truck. Think if a school bus can fit into this space we can!
  • Any permits that local ordinance requires (organization-schools responsibility)
  • Any required liability insurance your organization requires (organization-schools responsibility)



The lab travels from Mid-March through the end of October of each year in the Great Lakes Region. We will try to accommodate other regions of the country when possible.


Cost average approximately $5.00 per student (based on 200 or more students) plus $2.00 per mile. Other fees may apply due to location/distance of your event.


Please complete quote form below for your personalized visit quote - Include all information requested for an accurate quotes. Any questions please email .

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 Hands on Energy Lab
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availability and prior scheduling)



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