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Great Lakes Energy Education Program

Great Lakes Energy Service (GLES) started out as small group of professionals who joined forces to build a strong, vibrant, and mission driven nonprofit organization that strived for one common goal. That goal was to facilitate renewable energy education, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technology to citizens throughout Michigan.


From their efforts to increase social awareness and promote change among all social economic levels, GLES's belief was relized and educated over 300,000 students throughout Michigan during their rein. These educational visits will lead to the preservation of Earth's natural resources and an improved quality of life for people all around Michigan and the world.


Due to expanded outreach into the Great Lakes Region (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and, Wisconsin) and to have economic stability, in these tough times, the organization reestablished community resources and joined new like minded organizations to expand it reach and programs by forming a broader organization which operates as Great Lakes Energy Education Program (GLEEP).


GLEEP is now the home of the popular, Mobile Energy Lab. A wind and solar powered Mobile Energy Lab that boasts 44-feet of hands-on learning stations in renewable energy, oil and gas, energy conservation, that provides models that demonstrate hydropower, energy efficiency, and much more. Student's can try their hand at building their own solar or wind powered structures, test their knowledge in renewable energy, or use peddle power to create electricity and much more.


An entire day is devoted to maximizing student's access to this unique, one-of-a-kind exhibit. We deliver this state standard aligned, STEM rated, authentic teaching opportunity right to your door! It's a field trip on wheels. To book your event tour contact us at info@greatlakesenergyservice.org.



Great Lakes Energy Education Program is
Raising Funds While Saving The Environment


GLEEP has signed up to fundraise by recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones and other small electronic with Planet Green. Please help our organization reach its fundraising goals by recycling. Most of us have these recyclable items sitting around our homes collecting dust and now you can recycle them and help us raise money at the same time. Funds will be used to fund mobile classroom visits.

Contact us on how you can help!




Did you know? Over 2.5 million tons of e-waste ends up in landfills every year!










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